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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little Bit of A Lot

I've been thinking lately about perspective. My perspective, your perspective, everyone's perspective. There are so many ways at looking at any one situation and they all need to be taken into the utmost consideration. So... which do you choose to listen to? I know that the best is most definitely all of them... so that's my intention for the week. See all perspectives.

Anyways, now I want to tell you all about an ongoing project that my wonderful friend Daniel and I will be doing. He will give me an ingredient every week, and I have to come up with at least two recipes (one savory and one sweet) for that ingredient. He will then try it, and "judge" it, Iron Chef style. This will continue even after my raw month, so get ready for some awesomely extravagant recipes. The ingredient Du Jour is persimmons. I'm going to get them today and let's see what we come up with.

As for my most recent food, my meals have remained bland, except for some raw chocolate chip cookies I started last night. The chocolate chips are in the dehydrator now and later I will make the batter. Check out these babies:

With the leftover batter that I couldn't get out of the vitamix, I threw in some fenugreek and lentil sprouts, then I put those on a tray, and added some dried coconut and golden raisins. We'll see later today how my experiment turns out.

It looks... interesting.

Some awesome smoothies I've made are:

Baby Green (based on this)
4 large stalks Dinosaur Kale
1 frozen banana
1 c almond milk
1 T raw tahini
1 T hemp protein
1/2 c frozen mango

Give it a whirl in the vitamix fro a while until smooth.

And this guy here, my Berry Chocolate Shake (based off this)
1 c frozen raspberries
1 c frozen chopped banana
1 c coconut water
1/4 c hemp protein
1 T flax seed
1 T hemp seed

Blend as always

One of my all time favorite foods: Brussels Sprouts!
Here's what I did:

Rosemary Garlic Brussels Sprouts
3 lbs quartered and trimmed Brussels Sprouts
2 minced garlic cloves
3/4 t minced fresh Rosemary
1 T flax oil
3/4 c olive oil
1/4 c agave

Mix the marinade and pour over the sprouts and let sit overnight. ENJOY! (You could saute these but I didn't)

I've had another zucchini pasta dish to use up the rest of my zukes this one was dressing, tomato, raw kraut, and carrot.

The remainder of this week is dedicated to recipe creation... and yoga. Other than that I hope you are all fabulous and enjoying this chilly weather in some way. Ta Ta for now!


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