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Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Been a While Huh?

I must say I apologize for my absence. However, I do have a revelation that somewhat brings me to a strife. This weekend, I went on retreat with my work at the Heifer Project. It was lots of fun, and I had to eat cooked [vegan] food because I wasn't going to be a burden and ask for raw. If I were the chef I would have set something aside, but lots of wonderful people were cooking for us. I did however get to help in making the collards, kale, and Brussels sprouts. They had salad at lunch and dinner... I guess I could have managed being raw, yet my experiment then wouldn't have worked.

It was quite majestic I must say.
As for my revelation, I think my body wants to tell me that I should definitely wean myself off of the cooked foods. As Kris says, 80% raw, 20% cooked. I think I'll stick with that. The food I had was quite pretty though. Here's a little glimpse:
Salad of the weekend

Saturday morning breakfast of vegan spinach hash, granola, and oranges

my favorite veggie ever

another high scorer on the Julia veggie love scale

tomato soup with hummus and spinach

Don't get me wrong, all of these foods have had a dear place in my heart, but I felt so full and bloated and had a a headache afterwards. I know I didn't overeat, so that's just telling me that I need to find the right balance for my body. Last night when I got home, dinner consisted of a simple smoothie, and some gRAWnola, made by yours truly. I'll have to give you all that recipe soon.

Other than that, I must make something with my French Basil today. Until later, peace and love to all!


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