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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camera Charger is SOMEWHAT a Necesity

Now I realize that my blogging schedule is a tad off kilter, but I still haven't gotten a new camera charger, thus I have no pictures because I simply cannot figure out how to transfer them from my phone. I am in sunny Arizona right now and I will inform you of a few eats I have had recently: lentil soup, sauteed broccoli raab, gluten free brownies, homemade iced tea, marinated olives, gluten free vegan mac n' cheese, fresh berries... I could continue but I lack pictures. GRRRRRRRR! AAAAAnyways, it is 110 degrees right now and it is sweltering. I'm almost done with my pantry clean out at home which is good, but now I can't decide whether I should buy more flour to bake or if I can post pictures, but for now, this is a picture of the scenery that I WOULD take if I HAD my camera.

That would be a golf course, because obviously grass does not grow and bloom naturally like that here.

And  this would be Scottsdale, where we are going tomorrow.

Ta ta for now.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not as much as I'd like to Write

The sad new is that I lost my camera charger, thus I need to buy a new one, which is why I am lacking in the picture department. I tried taking pictures from my phone and sending them to my email, but it's just not working. Anyways, I tried this awesome new Kombucha called Katalyst and I think I just might have to order some even though they only sell in bulk. I tried the ginger devotion flavor and it was the best kombucha I have ever had, and I've tried quite a few Kombuchas. What's even better? It's local to Massachusetts! YAY! you know what else is local to MA? Taza Chocolate, you jut have to try some, even though it's local here, I think I'll have to bring some when I visit my family in Arizona. Anyways, recently I made a watermelon salad from Sarma's book. IT was AMAZING and everyone at the pot luck loved it, and it wasn't even a vegan potluck. I also made a new recipe for chocolate almond banana bread, but sadly I forgot to write down the measurements. Oh gosh I really need to get a camera charger so I can show you all pictures of my creations. I'll look through my phone now so I can just TELL you all about my recent taste bud adventures. After Earthfest Rachel and I went to Peace O' Pie for some vegan pizza and salad. I also got some vegan Recee's. YUM! I made lots of green juice a while back and then I made some nut butter in my juicer, but its so clean now I kind of don't want to ruin the cleanliness, but I'll get over that soon because after having cereal with almond milk now my body craves green juice instead. WEIRD! I had an awesome avocado cucumber whole grain rice sushi roll the other day. AAHHH I wish I had pictures! I had a nice white been soup... although I think I'm done for the year for hot soups. It was pleasant though. I think that's about all my telephone remembers. Anyways, my garden is nice and planted..... and the farmer's market in Copley Square is up and running so you will definitely see me there after a good yoga class.

I can't think of many words of wisdom right now except for "Be yourself, for that's all there is to you" -?


Monday, May 16, 2011

More Experiments

"Maybe being overwhelmed is just what happens when the Universe is delivering everything you want, but you’re just not ready to receive it yet." (unknown).

I've been really "overwhelmed" lately what with all of these silly little obligations... but I know that everything being thrown at me is positive, what I need it to prioritize...

That's where tea comes in!  

I always love tea. No matter what time of year. Can you read the quote on the yogi tea? It says "Noble language and behaviors are so powerful that hearts can be melted." Sweet.

These came in handy, I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but they found there way into my cornbread (see below).

Here are the kale chips I made, from Averie's recipe which you can find here.

I finally got around to using my lovely trusty Green Star again, and boy, am I thankful for my green juice, oh how you sustain me!

 I completed a goal of mine this past weekend, which was to make my own banana bread recipe! YAY! This one is GF, and vegan. I call it Chocolate Coconut Banana Bread. Recipe to come soon.

Here it is again, with ground almonds throughout (that's the white). Basically it's dehydrated almond pulp throughout.

I had this simple smoothie this morning of frozen bananas, hemp protein, cherries, and almond milk.

My homemade fresh cornbread... that's where the edamame snuck in!

And if I do say so myself they worked quite nicely.

Oh how I love my broccoli, there is some TVP underneath, which I am not a huge fan of because it has gluten, but which I got for free, so why not?

And another broccoli dish with carrots, daiya, and lentils. Simple is the way I like to keep it.

I've realized that when my living spaces are clean, my mind feels cleaner too, so I think I shall do some cleaning now. The good thing is that I have a lot of pride for the two new recipes that I created in the past few days. That's all for now, and I look forward to hearing from you and to sharing my new experiments with you all again soon.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

PB&J: And You Thought It Was Just a Sandwich

Although I yearn strongly for summer, the weather has been fairly kind to us lately, and everything will come in due time. I know I just need to remember, one day at a time, and live in the moment.
Anyways, this week I've been really into making cookies considering I have told myself that I will not buy any more pantry items until I have used everything (unless something is extremely imperative). That has been doing me well because it has forced me to create new recipes. These above I call chocolate trail mix cookies. They are basically Earth Balance, cocoa powder, dried fruit, oats and nuts. They were perfect.... but sadly I ate all of them in two days. Woops!

I found this sucker in the back of my pantry and decided to make some cookies for my neighbor. Of course, I kept them vegan and used Earth Balance for butter and flax for eggs. They loved them, which of course brought a smile to my face.

Here they are after cooking. By the way, I ran out of parchment paper, and after I have used all of my pantry ingredients, I will reward myself with a silpat, which is great motivation. I was going to wait until then also to buy my kitchen compost container , but considering I haven't been able to compost for some time due to fruit flies around my old container (a plastic cereal box), I think this is a little needed. 

Here was a quick dinner of daiya, lentils, grilled veggies, and cucumbers.

This was a great tofu dish I made when I mixed the end of the peanut butter, and fig pear jam together and then covered the tofu with that. It actually worked quite well if I do say so myself.

Here it is fully plated.

My last cookie creation this week were "peanut butter and jelly cookies." These consisted of the actual rest of the peanut butter and jam, oats, a bit of brown rice flour, oat, and raisins. Some pals loved them. These bad boys aren't gone yet.

I haven't set a deadline for when my pantry shall be empty, but I'm shooting for two weeks, because I plan to be as raw as possible for the summer, although we'll see how that goes when I am in Arizona (staying with family), and then in Israel (on a group trip), but I'll manage as best I can. As for living in the moment, the future greatly excites me, and although we all may have that bit of fear of change, I am also excited to embrace the new, and all that comes with it.

Have beautiful days.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, now, there has been lots of rain, hasn't there? but that's a good thing, because the grass will be greener and the flowers will bloom. Rejoice in new life. Lately I have a few things to share with you.

This was the spelt banana bread I made last week. Oh so pleasant. It was gone within 3 days. So sad.

Here's Buddy, after a really short walk because he got very very cold outside in the downpouring rain. Poor baby. He loves the snow though...

This was one of my veggie burgers from Organic Garden with sprouts, cukes, sauce, and a lettuce leaf.

This was a buckwheat pizza I made last week. Super easy crust, recipe soon. It had sauce, olives, pesto, red peppers, and tahini. Mmmmmm!

Perfect buckwheat pancakes. I really do love pancakes. They're about a one-a-weeker for me

The grill for mother's day.. I of course had a veggie burger, some stir fry, and grilled asparagus. Too bad I wasn't very hungry that night. Although I think my mom had a nice day, even though I worked. I'm pretty sure it went well. Happy belated mother's day to all. Cherish all that you have.

On Monday, Dan and I went to Momogouse food truck for lunch. It was sooooo good! We shared the terriaki tofu and the yellow noodles. How awesome is that for $4 a pop? Pretty great.

Here we are outside Flour. We seem like such tourists, oh well!

My vegan chocolate cupcake was divine.

For dinner, later we went to River Gods. This is the god salad we shared, we also got a wrap, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Sorry guys.

Well, all in all things are well and I wish peace upon you all. Also, Averie is having a CamelBak giveaway! So I just thought you should all know.

Embrace all of the new life and emanate peace.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listening to the Heart

I named this post as "listening to the heart because I know that the mind is a separate component from the heart, and the body. Often our minds lie to us and tell us not to do what is right for us. I say that I "listened to my heart" and my body for that matter, a lot this week because I completed two of my biking goals this week. The first was 10 miles and the second was 16. I had destinations in mind and my next goal (back and forth) is 28 miles, but I'll have to do that on a Sunday. I've also been really listening to my heart because I went to yoga on Sunday which I have been putting off for a while, but it was much needed, and I've decided not to buy anymore cooked food and use what I have and then go as raw as possible (at least for the summer, and I don't plan on being strict) and then I will buy raw ingredients rather than cooked counterparts. In January, when I was 100% raw for that entire month I felt wonderful, and now slowly I will bring it back.

The beginnings of lentil sprouts.

A socca sandwich (which helped me use all of my garbanzo flour).

Simple banana and nut milk smoothie with cinnamon. Yum!

 Pumpkin socca.

This was the meal the hotel served me at a family event. At least they tried (rice, beans, and squash), they made a little bit of effort to cater to "the vegan" as they call me although it does not encompass all that I am, but whattareyagonnado?

Gena's Chia Chai Pudding with bananas.

Banana soft serve with the organic strawberries that were on sale for $1.99 at whole foods! Gotta love one day sales! (although they're not local, but I'll sacrifice).

Another socca sandwich.

Shake with this awesome hemp infusion.

My reward after biking 8 miles to Organic Garden to prepare me for the 8 miles back, and to have for lunch today possibly.

And lastly, my finished baby lentil sprouts! Maybe I should plant a few and see if I get microgreens. Hmmm...

Anyways, more on my endeavors later, but for now, just know that your heart always tells you what is right.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back Again!

I'm still not totally "with it" on the blogging front, but I'm thinking maybe once a week will work better for me at this point in my life. As for the rain, I like to always think, "the rain will make the grass greener and the plants grow, so smile, because new life is on its way." How's that for a positive outlook? So... hopefully that was the last of the snow, but I do have a few pretty pictures from a couple weekends ago to share even though they are snowy:

These were taken in New Hampshire when there was still snow there.

These are Black Eyed Pea fritters that Dan and I made a while back when I was in my blogging slump.

A beautious salad from when a bunch of us went out for Dan's birthday to a small mediterranean restaurant down the street.

The average coconut almond granola in the works.

A mixture of rice, tomato sauce, edamame, spinach, broccoli, and green beans. Perfect for a rainy day.

An impromptu tofu scramble including carrots, basil, onions, and of course, nooch.

Black rice mixed with pumpkin and carrots along side romaine and some asian dressing.

A quick and easy (vegan) eggplant parm made with Daiya.

A green juice from Rawbert's.

Impromptu what I like to call "trail mix cookies".

Omlette salad from Rawbert's.

Fresh flower and blossom salad from Rawbert's.

Rawbert's sprout filled salad.

A wonderful friend Bettina and me at the beach on a chilly day in April. The outdoors must be embraced no matter what the weather might be.

See? The sun is shining through and spring is here. Lets hug the new with both of our arms.

Now of course, I did not make all of these one night, I just had to do a huge recap, because lately, I've been a bit more focused on the mountains of life rather than the blogosphere, however, I find it quite fun to share my thoughts and creations with you all, which is why I will most definately continue, once a week (or more if I have time).