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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, now, there has been lots of rain, hasn't there? but that's a good thing, because the grass will be greener and the flowers will bloom. Rejoice in new life. Lately I have a few things to share with you.

This was the spelt banana bread I made last week. Oh so pleasant. It was gone within 3 days. So sad.

Here's Buddy, after a really short walk because he got very very cold outside in the downpouring rain. Poor baby. He loves the snow though...

This was one of my veggie burgers from Organic Garden with sprouts, cukes, sauce, and a lettuce leaf.

This was a buckwheat pizza I made last week. Super easy crust, recipe soon. It had sauce, olives, pesto, red peppers, and tahini. Mmmmmm!

Perfect buckwheat pancakes. I really do love pancakes. They're about a one-a-weeker for me

The grill for mother's day.. I of course had a veggie burger, some stir fry, and grilled asparagus. Too bad I wasn't very hungry that night. Although I think my mom had a nice day, even though I worked. I'm pretty sure it went well. Happy belated mother's day to all. Cherish all that you have.

On Monday, Dan and I went to Momogouse food truck for lunch. It was sooooo good! We shared the terriaki tofu and the yellow noodles. How awesome is that for $4 a pop? Pretty great.

Here we are outside Flour. We seem like such tourists, oh well!

My vegan chocolate cupcake was divine.

For dinner, later we went to River Gods. This is the god salad we shared, we also got a wrap, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Sorry guys.

Well, all in all things are well and I wish peace upon you all. Also, Averie is having a CamelBak giveaway! So I just thought you should all know.

Embrace all of the new life and emanate peace.



  1. I love food trucks but haven't tried Momogouse yet so once the weather gets a little nice I may have to walk to City Hall and try them out

  2. Momogouse is pretty awesome, and where I went in Kendall square there is a Clover right down the street. I had been to Clover before, but never Momogouse, and I really liked it. It's probably not as Earth conscious as other places, but the food was good, and I brought my own bamboo fork. Ya do what ya can :]