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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camera Charger is SOMEWHAT a Necesity

Now I realize that my blogging schedule is a tad off kilter, but I still haven't gotten a new camera charger, thus I have no pictures because I simply cannot figure out how to transfer them from my phone. I am in sunny Arizona right now and I will inform you of a few eats I have had recently: lentil soup, sauteed broccoli raab, gluten free brownies, homemade iced tea, marinated olives, gluten free vegan mac n' cheese, fresh berries... I could continue but I lack pictures. GRRRRRRRR! AAAAAnyways, it is 110 degrees right now and it is sweltering. I'm almost done with my pantry clean out at home which is good, but now I can't decide whether I should buy more flour to bake or if I can post pictures, but for now, this is a picture of the scenery that I WOULD take if I HAD my camera.

That would be a golf course, because obviously grass does not grow and bloom naturally like that here.

And  this would be Scottsdale, where we are going tomorrow.

Ta ta for now.


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