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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes We Must Look Deep in the Mountains to Find the Gems

Originally, I thought of the title of this post when I was in a gem store in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and then I realized that it can apply to many aspects of life. As can many other things. The way I interpret this is that life takes effort in order to get what you really want.. in other words, give everything your all.

I got lots of amazing scenery picture (105 to be exact) but I'll just show you a few ^^^^^^^

What a nice entrance :]

They compost!

Natalie and I waiting in the huge line for the bus to get back to the car

Natalie with Louie Vito (I think?)

Natalie with Shaun White
^^^ A few X games pictures

Sacred Grounds Coffee and Deli in Glenwood Springs, CO. How cute is that?

I got a strawberry, mango, banana smoothie, and they even mixed in a vega for me! How accommodating right?!

The Beautiful Town of Aspen
We didn't end up making it to the juice bar because they close at 4 and we didn't finish skiing on time, but I wanted a picture with the adorable sign!

Pyramid Bistro is where the following few pictures come from. We went there twice in a row! This is there bread with arugula pesto. MMMMM!

Dad's plate day one: Barley hazelnut risotto with greens and winter squash (I liked his better than mine!).

My plate day one: Millet croquettes with steamed veggies.

How cool is this? The entrance to the restaurant is inside the Explore Booksellers which also happens to be an amazing haven for all readers alike.

Dad's dish day 2: Spelt Gnocchi with mixed veggie (YUM!).

My dish day 2: Quinoa crouquettes with steamed veggies (pleasant).

And the silken tofu torte was to live for!

Overall, I love this place. If you're ever in Aspen, check it out!

I ended up being able to get my juice! This was called the Red Mountain Zinger! I slurped it down lovingly. Thanks so much Good Health Grocers! Much gratitude!

I just thought Two Old Hippies was a really cool store and we had to go in. Hehe.

And last but certainly not least, another awesome health food store: Natural Grocers. I got lettuce and peppers for the plane, a couple of my favorite bars ever. And of course, some almond butter for snacking purposes.

When I got home, Mom had some fresh roasted veggie for me. How sweet! I had some, packed some up for the next day's lunch, and in the morning, added the rest to my slow cooker stew, which I will share with you later in the week.

That's all for my snow filled escape. I have cupcakes, scones, and stew to share with you tomorrow! 

With love and light, Namaste!


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