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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Simplicity Interspersed with Challenge

I was just looking through The 30-Minute Vegan and I found a recipe about RAWviolis (I didn't make it) and it said "...imagination is the spice of life." For the next few days my intention will be to broaden my horizons. From that book however, I did try their Mac n' Cheese recipe which was phenomenal:
I added some left over veggies. Perfect dinner. The other day I made chocolate almond butter with almonds and coco powder. Perfect but probably not beneficial to have in the house:
Fabulous with GF banana bread:

This morning a splendid smoothie graced my blender: almond milk, chocolate almond butter, banana, and romaine:

I've had a few Buddha bowls lately. This one consisted of brown rice, kale, sweet potato, arame, and purple massaged kale.

This one was massaged kale, daikon, cucumber, kelp noodles, celery, sweet potato, and grapefruit.

Yesterday in Whole Foods I noticed a new kombucha, I bought it, and then after taking a sip I slipped on the ice and broke it while walking home with my friends. It was pretty good though.

My last bit of insight into the land of Julia for today is this: no matter how you end the conversation, every time you hang up the phone with a loved one, always say, "I love you," because you really never know what might happen next.

I hope every one's weekends are going beautifully.




  1. 1. How does one massage kale?
    2. What's a buddha bowl?

  2. 1.) you can either massage kale using half an avocado 0r 2T of olive oil per 1/2 head of kale. Basically you just want whatever [good] fat you are using to wilt the kale and that way it takes away the slightly bitter taste. This is also how I prep my kale chips to put in the dehydrator. I use it often for a base of salads.
    2.) (sorry it's not a link) that's where I got the idea for Buddha bowls. It's just a fancy term for throwing veggies and grains in a bowl and loving it!

  3. Wow, ok. That is way over my cooking skill level. I'm good for toast or stir fry. Any more than that and I get nervous.

  4. It's really not that difficlut. A rice cooker makes cooking grains so much easier. I highly recommend a cheap one (I got mine at CVS or $5) and then you just pile high with veggies.
    And massaged kale is the easiest base for a salad next to raw greens