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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just A Little Glimpse

Since I was lacking a camera for a few days (turned out it was in the car) I am at a loss for lots of wonderful pictures, but I am sure there are more to come soon. A few days ago I had another awesome Clear Conscience Cafe salad which had mounds of hummus and kalamata olives. My favorite!
The other day in the dehydrator went Matthew Kenny's recipe for blonde macaroons. They looked kinda funky because the coconut I used was coarsely cut, but they tasted phenomenal!

Today for lunch with my panini press I made a sandwich with a roasted bell pepper and daiya the best (so far) vegan cheese out there. And the least processed.

Guess what?!!??!!?! Green Star came in the mail! Now I can have awesome green juice all the time! Yesssss! Although it is a huge pain to clean but it's worth it.

The quote I'd like to leave you with today is, "Make the most of yourself, for you're all there is to you." -unknown.

Have a wonderful sun filled day. Let's try for some vitamin D!



  1. Where do you buy Daiya cheese or do you buy it online? Vegan cheese is something I've never gotten used to (except Amy's Soy Pizza).

  2. I buy it at whole foods but you can buy it online if that's easier.

  3. Whole Foods is good. I've tried some of them and they taste weirdly acidic.

  4. they do... but I like this one and it melts well. not to be an infomercial or anything [: