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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Even Balance Proves Necessary

I was just reading the twin's latest post when I stumbled upon an older post of theirs and this little tid bit really inspired me:

"Don’t go about looking for your reason to live or finding the purpose of your existence.
The only reason to be alive is to enjoy life. And enjoy all that you do in life.

We constantly seem to be searching for why we were placed on this Earth, when the fact is that the fact we are alive is solely that: a mere fact. We were not given a reason for why we are here, we just are. With that, we look for the things, places, people, and experiences that bring joy to our hearts. That joy is what sustains us. That is what we yearn for and when we are aware of ourselves, then we are truly alive. For this reason, we must make the most of the time we have here.
*this is obviously just my opinion and take from it what you wish and leave the rest*

I also must say that that Out Loud by Dispatch is SUCH a good song (in my opinion). I apologize for my lack of ability to find them actually singing it, but I wanted to share!

So, now onto some food. A few weeks ago I went to yoga and then C3 with Mimi. We shared soup and a Panini. Mmmmm!

hummus peppers cukes n sprouts

potato leek soup


strawberry banana smoothie (can you say my favorite?!)

Later in the week Dan and I went to My Thai and of course, again his dish was tastier than mine but it's okay because we're good sharers!

yellow curry

pad see ew
soup of the day

For dessert we went to Flour which was a cold trek in 23 degree weather. They had an adorable quote that I just had to share considering you can always find me in the kitchen:

Look at this! Pickle of the day! Who is really that cool?! ... if only they were totally vegan....

They did have a decent vegan chocolate cake muffin though which sufficed.

Yesterday VegNews came in the mail... needless to say a load of excitement was born.

And last but not least today for dinner I threw together what I like to call a "clean out the fridge stir-fry" This consisted of sprouted grain spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, bok choy, asparagus, zukes, celery, and my homemade pesto. Yay for impromptu meals!

As for Valentines day I did make A TON of cupcakes with pink (beet juice) frosting... but I was in need of a camera at the time so I lack a picture. Tear tear... my banana bread also remains faceless... I have a whole week off next week so who knows what will cross my path.

All in all, embrace yourself because the best of you lies within and others want to see it.

Give yourself a hug beautiful!



  1. hug cute little cuddly bunnies all day long my dear

  2. What is C3? I've never heard of it. Is it a vegan friendly place in Boston? I live near Oak Square, Brighton. I'm so bummed that Cherry Bomb Cupcakes closed. They were my neighborhood coffee/sweets place.

  3. aww! Clear Conscience Cafe in a vegan friendly place in Central Square, Cambridge. It's attatched to the Harvest Coop (vegan friendly food market). It's so sad that Cherry Bomb closed! I really like Peace O' Pie (vegan pizza) in Allston (not very similar) have you every been there?

  4. Nope, I'm addicted to Amy's frozen Soy Cheese Pizza. I'll definitely try Peace o'Pie one of these days though. My parents are coming up from CT this weekend. They're not vegan but they're totally cool with it. They loooooove Red Lentil in Watertown. Even when they're house sitting for me, they go there on their own.

  5. Amy's is soooo good! I've heard of Red Lentil but I've never been there. Mine are totally cool with it too.. my friends and I like to find vegan places (or veg friendly) and see how vegan we can make them (even if my friends aren't vegan) as you can see.

  6. I like Red Lentil, but my parents are obsessed with it. I personally think they do better vegetarian than vegan.

  7. I guess I'll just have to try it out for myself and see what I think [: