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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Everything is as it should be

I have been taking pictures on my itouch, so they may be a tad blurry, but it's the thought that counts right? As we speak, I am eating a very chewy brownie with peanut butter swirls that I made earlier. Mmmm

This was a Thai bowl from Boloco that I had the other day. It was yummy and spicy but not too filling.
How lovely does this stir fry fry look? It's the ginger miso stir fry from the Candle Cafe's cookbook. Just helping my life goal of making every recipe in every cookbook I own... well I might have to veganize a few of them, but hey.

How beautiful are these meyer lemons from California that my friend brought back from me... oh the bounties that warm weather brings.

This was a raw salad of broccoli carrots, and an almond butter concoction. Twas lovely.

As of now, I've realized that I cannot restrict myself, I've been as raw as possible, but not strictly raw. Raw is just for fun, although I do adore the food. Veganism on the other hand has to do with ethics for me, so that's a different story.

I started a new journal and I realized that it may be more beneficial to me to write down my observations and disregard the particular people they may pertain to as opposed to writing about my days... this way, I can look back on it as unbiased anthropological research. I think it could be fun.

I wish I could post a picture of the snow here, because although the streets are cleared, the snow is quite beautiful still. Soon I will, I have to go back to Starbucks or somewhere that has wifi so I can email myself more pictures from my itouch.

The mind is an absolutely amazing tool, and the fact that we have the mere ability to think is quite stupendous. We as humans are capable of so much... do we really live up to our abilities... but then again, can we ever truly know what they are... and while I'm on the subject, what is truth anyway? It's always subjective. I just think that every single breath we take is precious, because we are blessed to be alive. Although some days may seem mundane, everything matters, some things just matter more than others.

For now, that's all, but I'll be back soon.